Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Canadian Tire Family

The following are links to various companies owned by or partnered with Canadian Tire:

Mark's Work Warehouse


Canadian Tire Gas+

Canadian Tire Financial Services

Forzani Group Ltd.

Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance

Many of these stores are individually owned franchises and this has helped the Canadian Tire family achieve the success that they have today. For information on these organizations and how they work with Canadian Tire visit the Business Profile section of the Canadian Tire website.

A Little Gas Goes a Long Way

Canadian Tire Petroleum was introduced in 1958. They were the first large corporation to introduce gas bars at  store locations and has now become one of the powerhouses of Canada's gasoline retailers. There are now over 270 CTP gas bar locations as well as over 70 Simoniz car washes. The gas bars of Canadian Tire are responsible for the the successful Canadian Tire Money reward program that is still in place today. One can receive up to 10 times the usual amount of rewards coupons by using Canadian Tire gas bars alone. Many other companies such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot have mimicked the idea, but have not seen the same rate of success. To gain the competitive edge, Canadian Tire has introduced several pit stops that check oil, rust, fluids, and provide various other services.

Keeping It Canadian

Canadaian Tire recently teamed up with the National Hockey League and Canadian professional hockey player, Jonathan Teows, to create the Canadian Tire Hockey School. It was designed to help teach the youth of Canada about the country's national sport, to help youth increase their hockey skills, and find new young talent to participate in the Canadian Tire Hockey School Camp as well as the Canadian Tire Junior Skills competition. This has been a very successful marketing campaign for Canadian tire as it has shown them coming back to their Canadian roots.

Welcome To The Canadian Tire Hockey School

I feel that this has brought much more appreciation to the Canadian Tire corporation because it shows that Canadian Tire still cares about where they came from and it is a program that benefits everyone involved in it. For more information about the program and how to get involved visit the Canadian Tire Hockey School website.