Thursday, 1 March 2012

Don't Spend it, Honey!

Corin Raymond, a Canadian musician who was low on funds for his upcoming album, had a slightly unusual idea when thinking of ways he could save up enough to produce a professional album. The idea cam from a song he had written called "Don't Spend it, Honey". The song is about Canadian Tire Money and whenever he would perform it fans would present him with just that. Now Corin is on the road performing various gigs in hopes of saving up enough Canadian Tire Money to produce his dream album and it looks as if his dream is coming true.

CBC Report on the "Don't Spend it, Honey" Campaign

The "Don't Spend it, Honey" campaign has received media coverage from organizations such as CBC and is quickly on the rise. With almost $3,000 worth of Canadian Tire Money, Raymond is well on his way to producing his record and then some. I think that this plan is truly genius. Almost anyone who has shopped at Canadian Tire has received Canadian Tire Money that they had no intention on saving or using. This unused money ends up in various glove compartments, closets, or even the garbage. Donating the coupons helps Corin Raymond get his career off of the ground and helps you dispose of unwanted Canadian Tire Money.

You can learn more and donate to the cause by visiting the Dont Spend It, Honey website.

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