Thursday, 1 March 2012

SWOT Analysis - Opportunities and Threats


  • Canadaian Tire can easily expand in a cultural aspects to attract a more diverse clientele.
  • The opportunity of increased franchising is available.
  • Increasing the rewards from Canadian Tire gas bars will attract the frustrated consumers of the petroleum market.
  • Canadian Tire can capitalize on being the only store of it's kind built in Canada for Canada.
  • Companies like Home Depot offer the same type of products and services that Canadian Tire offers.
  • Other companies show better customer service and quality of goods.
  • TV advertisements are showing to be a worse marketing strategy then word of mouth.
  • Currently viewed as a company with poor service.
In my opinion, Canadain Tire needs to get back to it's high quality of customer service roots that gave them the success they had in the first place. This will help them develop off of the idea that they are a company made for people who live in Canada as it seems extremely unlikely that they could ever expand outside of Canada without changing their name and outlook on business. This is simply my view though. Share any opinions or ideas you may have to help increase the market percentage that Canadian Tire owns.

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